Coming To Understanding

The book Coming to Understanding 2010 is the result of a half-century quest by its author to discover the truth about reality. It is one of the most thoroughly reviewed works of the last decade.

The first version to appear in print, Coming to Understanding 2000, included critical reviews and comments by the following eminent scholars:

Ermanno Bencivenga Eugene Mills
Jan A. Cover Gideon Rosen
Jonathan Dancy Michael Scriven
John Hawthorne Theodore Sider
Brian Leftow Ted A. Warfield
Trenton Merricks Dean W. Zimmerman

A second version appeared in 2007, and it included critical reviews and comments by these eminent scholars:

William J. Abraham David Nolan
Philip Clayton Gary Rosenkrantz
Jan A. Cover Jonathan Schaffer
Gavin D'Costa Alan J. Torrance
David Ray Griffin Peter van Inwagen
E. J. Lowe Michael Welker
Alister E. McGrath Dean W. Zimmerman

The final version, Coming to Understanding 2010, includes critical reviews and comments by Gordon Graham and Dean W. Zimmerman, as well as the author's responses to them.

All three editions are available for download.